This is likely to be a low turnout election so your vote counts!

5 Boro Defenders (5BD) is a group of New York City public defenders, civil rights attorneys and advocates working to end the systemic injustices and racism of the criminal legal system.

This report card was created by the Queens Working Group of 5BD. It does not represent the opinions of 5BD as a whole. The Queens Working Group consists of public defenders who represent poor and working class people in Queens County Criminal Court.

As public defenders in Queens, we have an inside view of the policies of the Queens District Attorney. Every day, we stand with our clients in court and see the power that prosecutors wield. Prosecutors have the power to end cash bail, stop mass incarceration, keep communities safe, help heal the wounds inflicted by Broken Windows policing, and to set the innocent free.

The upcoming election for Queens District Attorney is the first real opportunity Queens residents have had to elect their District Attorney in nearly three decades. For too long, the Queens District Attorney’s Office has promoted regressive policies that target Queens residents of color and harm our immigrant communities. As the most diverse county in the country, Queens deserves a progressive District Attorney who actually represents the people they claim to serve.


The Queens Working Group reviewed each candidate’s policy positions, their statements to the press, their social media, their stated positions at public forums and their prior career(s).

Our grades are based on candidates’ promises and not on the their ability to implement their stated proposals. Election season isn’t the only time to push for progressive change; true change relies on the hard work of holding prosecutors accountable. We invite you to stay involved by joining with us and our community partners in the Queens For DA Accountability Coalition at queens4da.org.


The goal of this report card is to inform voters; it is not an endorsement of any candidate. As public defenders, we believe true justice must come from a community-led transformation of the criminal legal system. We will continue to fight for this vision no matter who wins the upcoming election.

Because this race is drawing attention nationwide, candidates have received endorsements from local and national organizations, well-known politicians and local community groups. We encourage everyone to visit the candidates websites, 5bd.org, and local Queens organizations, to find out more about candidate endorsements.


This is likely be a low turnout election so your vote counts! The primary election is on June 25th and the general election is on November 5th.

If you have a felony conviction, but have already served your jail time and are not on parole, you can vote. If you are on parole, you may be able to vote. Check to see if you have been issued a voting pardon here.

If you have been issued a voting pardon, you can vote! If you are on probation for a felony conviction, you can vote. In all of these cases, your voting rights are automatically restored, but you must re-register as a voter. For more information go here.

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