Tiffany Cabán

Tiffany Cabán is a lifelong Queens resident, Queer Latina, and career public defender. She has represented indigent people accused of crimes for the past seven years in Manhattan Criminal Court. As a public defender, Cabán says she has focused on bringing stability to her clients’ lives in addition to helping them resolve their criminal cases. She has put forth bold proposals on increasing transparency, ending nepotism, and increasing access to evidence. Cabán has taken aggressive stances on immigration, promoting mental health and addiction treatment, and ending broken windows.

Out of all of the candidates, Cabán has the least amount of professional and managerial experience, creating questions about her ability to lead a large office and deliver on the bold reforms she promises. Nevertheless, Cabán has pushed forward a progressive platform that reimagines much of the criminal legal system. Her election as an outsider would mark a dramatic change in the relationship between prosecutors and the community.


Ending Broken Windows

Will not prosecute broken windows offenses and will decline to prosecute crimes of poverty.

Ending Cash Bail

Will not ask for bail on most cases. Will rely on non-monetary bail alternatives instead of cash bail.

Community Accountability

Commits to hiring a diverse staff, and with at least 80% living in Queens. Will not employ prosecutors who have relatives in the Queens Judiciary. Commits to town halls with the community. Will provide data about prosecutions. Will leave the DAASNY.

Access to Evidence

Will end the Queens Waiver Policy and provide all discovery evidence to the defense.

Police and DA Misconduct

Will establish an extensive wrongful conviction unit. Will have an independent unit to investigate ethical violations and prosecutorial misconduct. Supports public disclosure of police misconduct records. In favor of establishing an elected civilian review board for police accountability.

Protecting Immigrants

Supports keeping ICE out of the Courts and will prosecute abusive conduct by ICE. Supports immigrant-friendly plea negotiations.

Mental Health and Drug Treatment

Believes access to mental health and drug treatment should be the rule, not the exception. Will make treatment financially accessible to everyone.

Ending Mass Incarceration

Supports closing Rikers. Will work with people who are on probation and parole to avoid unjust collateral consequences.

Past Record on Progressive Values

Worked for the past seven years as a public defender in Manhattan. Has very little management experience.

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