Rory Lancman

Councilman Rory Lancman is a Queens native and a longtime politician. Currently, he chairs the Committee on the Justice System, which oversees district attorneys, public defenders, and courts in all five boroughs. He is a fierce critic of mass incarceration, police misconduct, and the current district attorney in Queens. Lancman has pledged to stop prosecuting marijuana and turnstile jumping due to the disproportionate targeting of communities of color.
While he is running a progressive campaign, Lancman has historically supported spending hundreds of millions of dollars to add more police officers to the NYPD. Most recently, in 2018, Lancman voted to increase the District Attorneys offices’ budgets in all five boroughs without including any increased funding for public defenders' offices. Nevertheless, Lancman has fully adopted the platform and principles of a progressive prosecutor and has put forth a strong vision for racial justice.


Ending Broken Windows

Will decline to prosecute marijuana offenses and other “victimless offenses.” Will consider the harm caused and the circumstances for certain crimes, such as shoplifting and sex work.

Ending Cash Bail

Has agreed to end all cash bail.

Community Accountability

Pledges to release all office data. Commits to town halls and a dedicated community outreach team. Will conduct implicit bias training and Will not employ prosecutors who have relatives in the Queens Judiciary. Will leave the DAASNY.

Access to Evidence

Commits to ending the Queens Waiver Policy and providing defendants with all discovery.

Police and DA Misconduct

Will establish a wrongful conviction unit and comprehensive code of ethics for prosecutors enforced by an independent ethics officer. Will not prosecute any cases where the officers involved have a history of perjury or dishonesty.

Protecting Immigrants

Supports keeping ICE out of courts. Commits to engaging in immigrant-friendly charging decisions and plea negotiations.

Mental Health and Drug Treatment

Supports treatment courts as jail alternatives. Will ensure that financial costs of treatment programs are not a barrier for people.

Ending Mass Incarceration

Wants to close Rikers but wants borough-based jails. Will work with people who are on probation and parole to avoid unjust collateral consequences.

Past Record on Progressive Values

Former city council member who is an advocate for reform and racial justice but has no criminal courtroom experience. Has supported increased funding for police and the current district attorney’s office without commitments to reform or giving equal funding to public defenders.

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