Betty Lugo

Betty Lugo is a lifelong New York City resident and active member of the legal community. Lugo broke barriers as the first Latina woman to serve as a Nassau County Assistant District Attorney. Since leaving the Nassau District Attorney’s office, Lugo has managed her own law firm, representing clients in a variety of legal matters. Lugo has been highly involved in various bar associations and community groups, and ran for a City Council position as a Republican candidate in 1997.

Lugo is running as an experienced prosecutor who cares about community safety and criminal justice reform. Lugo recalls seeing family members and community members mistreated by law enforcement while growing up in Brooklyn. Despite this experience, Lugo went on to work in a District Attorney's office known for its harsh and incarceration driven policies. While Lugo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is clear, her platform lacks clear direction, implementation details, and is at times contradictory.


Ending Broken Windows

Has committed to not prosecuting fare jumps, loitering, spitting on the sidewalk and open containers, and has indicated she will continue to prosecute some marijuana crimes, but not others. Has committed to both dismissing and also prosecuting nonviolent crimes.

Ending Cash Bail

Has said she would end cash bail, but also indicated that cash bail should exist on some cases, including violent crimes. Does not detail on what cases her office would ask for cash bail or what alternatives she would use.

Community Accountability

Commits to increasing diversiety in the office. Would require staff to volunteer in the community. Has not made public any concrete plans for community outreach or data release.

Access to Evidence

Has not committed to ending the Queens Waiver policy. Supports turning over evidence to the defense.

Police and DA Misconduct

Commits to a special prosecutor for police in cases with serious injury and "when necessary" but has not provided details. Supports training for police and DAs without details on implementation. Indicates support for public disclosure of police misconduct in undefined circumstances, but indicates that such disclosure would be done on a confidential basis, making it unclear whether records would be public. , and would start a conviction review unit.

Protecting Immigrants

Has indicated she would not allow ICE arrests in or near court, but indicates an undetailed exception for those accused of “violent” crimes. Would require immigration advice and interpreters for immigrants taking pleas, which is a current standard.

Mental Health and Drug Treatment

Expresses support for mental health courts, diversion, and veterans court, but has not indicated how this policy will differ from what is currently in place or provided policies and details for such programs.

Ending Mass Incarceration

Supports keeping Rikers Island open and refurbishing current facilities. Has indicated support for non jail alternatives for low level nonviolent offenses, with few details. Does not have a clear policy on decriminalizing sex work.

Past Record on Progressive Values

A prosecutor who spent much of her career in the notoriously harsh and incarceration driven Nassau County District Attorneys office and now manages her own law firm where she represents clients in both criminal defense and civil cases. Ran as a Republican for city council in 1997, and indicates that she will consider running as a Republican in the general election for Queens DA if she does not win the Democratic Primary.

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