Mina Malik

Mina Malik is a career prosecutor promising progressive change. She spent fifteen years as a prosecutor in the current Queens District Attorney’s office, whose regressive policies have hurt our community for far too long. Malik later served as Kings County District Attorney Ken Thompson’s special counsel and helped design Brooklyn’s conviction review unit. Malik also and worked for two years as the Executive Director of the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), which investigates complaints against NYPD, and most recently served as a Lecturer and Senior Advisor to Harvard Law’s Fair Punishment Project.

Malik has laid out a bold agenda that would reverse many of her former boss’s policies. Malik promises to stop prosecuting marijuana and end broken windows policing. She also wants to increase access to evidence, end the waiver policy, and create a wrongful conviction unit. Despite these strong progressive commitments, Malik has yet to truly explain how her perspective has changed after spending most of her career in the DA’s office she now seeks to lead.


Ending Broken Windows

Will decline to prosecute almost all broken windows type offenses, although has not provided many specifics.

Ending Cash Bail

Supports ending cash bail on all offenses. Wants to cut Queens jail population by 50% within 5 years.

Community Accountability

Pledges to release all office data. Commits to implicit bias training, as well as regular community meetings. However, she will join the DAASNY.

Access to Evidence

Commits to ending the Queens Waiver Policy and providing defendants with all discovery in their cases.

Police and DA Misconduct

Will create a wrongful conviction unit. Supports changing law to ensure public disclosure of police misconduct records. Has not indicated intention to create ethics review unit.

Protecting Immigrants

Supports keeping ICE out of Courts. Supports immigrant friendly plea and charging decisions. Will work to limit ICE access to databases.

Mental Health and Drug Treatment

States that diversion to treatment courts should be rule, incarceration the exception. Intends to create restorative justice programs in Queens.

Ending Mass Incarceration

Supports closing Rikers. Will work with people who are on probation and parole to avoid unjust collateral consequences.

Past Record on Progressive Values

A Career prosecutor, worked in the current Queens DA’s office under Richard Brown for 15 years. Has extensive managerial and trial practice experience.

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